Unrelated Thoughts

Friday, January 06, 2006

Good bye rooster, welcome dog!

Last was a good year for me but a bad one for the world. I was accepted as a master’s student here in Japan, my family earnings surpassed again (thanks God!) my family expenses, we all enjoyed good health (if you don’t count mosquito bites and a few colds), and I can finally say I’m living a rather comfortable (though austere) life. The world, on the other side, was affected by strong earthquakes, by the worst hurricane season in North America, by many plane accidents (including one in Peru), by increasing petroleum prices (which I think will never go back to the 1990’s levels), by the American decision to build a new sort of Berlin Wall separating the US from Mexico (now I understand why they vetoed the UN resolution declaring the Israel Wall illegal!) and by many other natural and human-made disasters. It was actually not a good year for us as an Earth Community.

With that on sight, I may only say to the world, ganbatte kudasai!

(And of course: good bye, Year of the Rooster; welcome, Year of the Dog!)